About AEN


I'm Lauren-

Coordinator, Planner, Calligrapher and Artist responsible for And Everything Nice Events. AEN was established in 2017 after multiple years of being swept off my feet by the wedding industry. 

The planning and coordinating process is A LOT to handle. 

I'm here to make your wedding day the blissfully stress-free day that it's supposed to be--from Planning to Product design.

I remember the first time, when I was a little girl, a teacher asked me to draw a picture of what i wanted to be when i grew up. 

I drew a stick figure of an artist. 

A lifetime of people telling me to choose something more practical led me to a practical degree in Communications and a practical job in an office and practically unfulfilled. 

I dreamt of creation. 

So I began to create. Wood-Paper-Paint-- it didn't matter. Before long And Everything Nice was born. Now I plan and I create beautiful events adorned with handmade accents to capture the essence of what your day is about. 

A day for beautiful couples celebrating their purpose through love and companionship. 

i cant wait to be apart of your special day.

With Love,

Your Wedding Planner